Volunteering to wear dog and cat food dresses while modeling with dogs and cats to raise money for a local Florida based animal shelter! We never said this was easy!

Applicant must be available to schedule a dress fitting (this is the most flexible), the hair/makeup + photo shoot on another day, and the final big event could be the first week of November for Shelter Appreciation Week!

We look forward to hearing from you and will do our best to be in touch. We will make our final decisions in the next 2 weeks. Please know we do fun events like these often and if you are not chosen for this - there may be other opportunities in the future.

THANK YOU for supporting Garbage Gone Glam and our efforts to fundraise for our local animal shelter!


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Do you have modeling experience? *
This particular shoot definitely requires experience. You'll be wearing dog food bags and interacting with live animals. It also involves a runway show. This is an all in - all kinds of experience combination type of event!
Have you ever worked with Garbage Gone Glam or VIVRE Couture before? *
Are you allergic to cats or dogs? *
We might have a rooster or guinea pig in a shoot or two also!
How do people describe you? What makes you unique? Where is your family from? Hair color? Eyes? Cheek bones? Tell us what makes you - YOU!
Are you camera shy? Or do you thrive in front of the camera? Tell us about your experiences that make you a perfect candidate to wear paper or plastic while balancing a puppy on your shoulders and looking fabulous while doing it! (We never said modeling was easy!)
If not, you totally should! It's a fun way to stay in touch and see what we're working on next!
Do you own beautiful black heels? (No wedges) *
We need a few pairs of pretty black heels. They need to look newer and not beat up. Borrow or buy is totally up to you, just make sure you have at least 3 different pairs to choose from.
Will you allow us to edit, publish, distribute your photos for media/press/advertising and printing? *
We hope this spreads everywhere! #CatsAndDogsAreModelsToo Our Goal is a calendar and/or a coffee table book!
I realize this is a volunteer position with at least 3 different scheduled commitments. *
1. Dress fitting 2. Hair/Makeup and Photo Shoot with the animals 3. Runway show (possibly the first week in November for Shelter Appreciation Week!)