Make a statement.

There are so many ways to entertain guests at an event, grand opening, or launch party. Make yours something to photograph. Giving guests something to post about in their own world is one of the best ways to gain and maintain a relationship with customers, shoppers, or fans. 



“Interactive” is a big buzzword these days, and that usually refers to some kind of technology: the latest app, online service or micro-blogging platform. But if you think about it, events are the original interactive “application.” They’re where people come together to experience an organization beyond the fundraising letter, to connect with like-minded individuals and to see a mission statement in action.


We sometimes forget just how important our event attendees are to us. Not only in terms of event success but also what they can add to our business as a whole. I mean, events are a pretty big deal. We plan hard to make sure that our events are successful and result in a decent ROI (and just maybe a pat on the back from our bosses).



Best money ever spent!

“This is some of the best money I have ever spent on promotional marketing. The people ran UP TO US asking what we were promoting!”

— Amy Royster Bridger, Director of IdeaBar

Elegant and high end!

“We had never had so much "buzz" at an expo. It made interacting with attendees easier and more fun. It was an elegant and high end approach that really drew people into our booth to chat with our team.”

— Roel Vanmuysen, President of BelgiumBike

Our company in the spotlight!

“Our dress made me the star of the CAI Spring Showcase and gave our company the spotlight we needed to build many relationships in the market we were targeting. Using Garbage Gone Glam was the best decision we've made in marketing this year!”

— Rebecca Furman, Marketing Coordinator of Colorado Painting



Your custom dress is waiting.

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