“A standout experience among the masses at Interbike.”

Having a custom dress, a beautiful girl, and a professional team behind you at a large event like Interbike was a dream. We attracted more attention and had more fun at our booth then ever before. We were able to draw a crowd and promote products because our model was entertaining everyone in her custom Lion of Flanders Flag gown!


“This is the best money I have ever spent on marketing!”

IdeaBar commissioned a dress for their launch of an app called "Palm Beach Sproutz," a local organic informational app. Glam created Princess Sproutz, a green princess who attracted not only little girls, but men, women, little boys, and people of all ages! It made handing out information about the app very easy for the team.



"Someone Is Making Clothes Out of Actual Garbage. This is Zoolander in real life."



Designer Kristen Alyce Makes Gorgeous Gowns From Garbage — Does This Mean Candy Wrappers Are The New Chic?

Just when I thought fashion couldn't get any weirder, a new craze has emerged — and this one isn't quite like anything we've seen before. Garbage is the newest trend to hit the fashion world by storm. Yup, you read that correctly. Garbage Gone Glam, a new environmentally conscious company, specializes in turning your everyday trash into couture dresses and accessories that look so freaking good it will blow your mind.

MAY SOFI, Bustle

“Garbage Dresses Are Officially A Thing — & They're Expensive”

In a real-life "one man's trash is another man's treasure" scenario, the Florida-based brand Garbage Gone Glam makes dresses fashioned out of discarded magazines, soda bottles, concert tickets, and candy wrappers — all things most people don’t think twice about tossing away.

Designer Kristen Alyce told The Daily Mail that the idea came to her a few years ago as a creative way to recycle waste.

— LIZA DARWIN, Refinery29


“Wearing these dresses brings the brand to a new level of social experience.”

I've modeled many dresses for Garbage Gone Glam over the past 5+ years and have seen first hand how people react and light up at the sight of a real person wearing paper and plastic.  


“People don't stop staring!”

I've modeled labels, plastic bags, cards, and endless branded materials. I've also been a canvas for paint and promotional photoshoots. The creativity behind Glam is incredible and the concept for marketing is the best I have seen!. 



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